domingo, agosto 12, 2007

Abdel-ilah Salhi - There are stories that end before starting

Foto: Mixed Message (I Love You?), de John Crosley

Emotion is a mangy dog
Biting me to howl like ninety percent of the mean people in this city
The dog defeats the wolf inside me

Plenty of sentences failed me at dinner
The remains of your man hovered over us despite the dim light
I had to quietly drink my glass
And stare at you profoundly, though without concentration
I had to refrain from running at the rough turning
Which makes me feel small, now expecting a phone ring

Good wine
And a delicious Moroccan couscous
You were close at hand like the evening party
The heart landed like a repugnant guest, so I stammered
But your case was very mild indeed

In stead of assaulting you like a wolf from the forest
I licked your hand like a dog wishing for love

Abdel-ilah Salhi (Poeta Marroquino, 1968- )

Translation: Norddine Zouitni

Biografia de Abdel-ilah Salhi

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