domingo, outubro 21, 2007

Lisa Bellear - To no one: And Mary did time

Dear someone
out there who
may or may not
give a damn

‘I’m not a liar
I’m not a thief’

But you don’t give
a damn, don’t
wanna get close,
worried it might
rub off, typical
welfare come
social worker wanna

To whomever might
give me a passing
accidental glance,
to whomever might
have the guts to stop
and say hello

I didn’t mean to
kill my baby daught
I wasn’t right
I was sick

Dear anyone to anyone
who just might care
I didn’t know
I just didn’t know
I’m still not

For Clinton Nain’s exhibition, Syndey, 2003)

Lisa Bellear (Poetisa Australiana, 1961- )

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